Sunday, January 20, 2013

Review #1: Naked Palette VS. Naked Basic Palette

Urban Decay has recently come out with a new palette called "Naked Basics" when I heard about this I instantly had to have it but unfortunately took me a while to actually try it out. While in Sephora today I noticed there were only a handful left so I figured this was my chance. I got home and opened the package and the first thing I noticed was the neutral and matte colours, so I decided to give them     a quick swatch. 

I noticed there were some similar colours in this palette compared to the original UD Naked palette. Noted below: on the left is the UD Naked palette and on the right its the UD Naked Basics palette. As you can see there are some variations in this new palette, such as Crave ( the darkest swatch ) in the UD Naked Basics is the matte version of Creep from the original Naked. Also, some colours appear to be very similar to each other like Naked from the original ( second below Creep and Crave ) and Naked 2 are very much alike.

Other similarities/variations:
  • Buck and Faint
  • Sidecar and W.O.S.
  • Virgin and Venus

Now lets take a look at each palette!


Urban Decay Naked Basics
  • retails at $32.00 CDN    
  • all matte colours               
  • wearable day and night        

Urban Decay Naked
  • retails at 60.00CDN
  • mostly shimmer colours
  • great for night looks

 In the end, I personally would choose the UD Naked Basics palette as the most preferred simply because I would use more of these types of colours compared to the original UD Naked palette ( I have had this palette for 2 years and I only use about 4 of the colours everyday.) However, I would recommend the Naked palette for those who enjoy wearing bold makeup looks daily or who are in the beauty industry.

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Thanks all and see you next Sunday!